Glass Coaster rings design




high quality printed

good design

length – 10 cm

width – 10 cm

6 pieces

Available: In stock


Women are more conscious about the decor of their house and most of the times they’re setting up the furniture or curtains and other interior. In that case if you scratch your wife’s new dining table by your tea cup where the meal is served to the guest then you’ll be in a huge mess. In order to not to get rebuked by your wife we’re providing you our newly introduced  Glass Coaster rings designeasy for your beverages to rest upon. These Customized glass Coasters are used to protect the table or any other surface. They’re usually spread out on the dining table for not to get the table scratched. The size of this Promotional Drink Coaster is about 10*10 cm with a plain white color that printed with our finest heating method.


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